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Celebration of 25th of March 2019

On Friday 22 of March, after we got blessings from Virgin Mary, singing hymns to her in the church of Saint Haralampos, we headed for the common theater of Saint Saranda and we saw the words of Gianni Ritsos: "This people don't kneel to anyone but to their dead"! The schools of Saint Saranda, Mesopotam, Moursi, Dermisi and Livadia  tried to point out this slogan through presentations of songs, poems and tradiotional dances. For those who fought at flatlands, valleys and mountains, for those who stood up to find the glory and honor of freedom, for those who made an exodus to fill their hunger with freedom! For those who lit up the desire for freedom! Our school participated once again this year in this celebration and presented parts of the great masterpiece of Dionysios Solomos "Free Besieged". The main theme of this masterpiece is the heroic fight of the people of Mesologgi during the secong siege of their city, until they make a desperate exodus, on Palm Sunday. We would like to wish congratulations to everyone, who prepared this beautiful celebration after long hours of rehearsal, patience and hard work!

Εισαγωγή - Άκρα του τάφου σιωπή

Αλλ' ήλιος αλλ' αόρατος

Το χάραμα επήρα

Μητέρα Μεγαλόψυχη


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